Mission of Hogwarts on the Bayou

We believe a magical world is made of good deeds, respect, and teamwork. We conjure a spellbinding experience of Louisiana history and culture at our own school where imagination and resourcefulness rule!

  Maison Gallivant


Maison Gallivant holds those who love life and have the wonder of travel in their hearts. The members tend to have the same strong sense of self and a curiosity for the world at large as its founder Hippie Gallivant. Its mascot is the ever curious and mischievous Red Fox. 

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   Maison Delacroix


Maison Delacroix is known to follow the tradition of its founder, T.N. Crumpets, focusing on creativity and inspiration in others. The mascot of Delacroix is the beautiful and inspiring Great Blue Heron native to Louisiana.

  Maison Beringar

Maison Beringar is advocates loyalty and courage. Those sorted into this house have what it takes to stand up for what is right and inspire others to fight the good fight. Named for the famous auror Beringar Blackthorn, its mascot is the fiercely protective Louisiana Black Bear.

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 Maison Bullymarsh

Maison Bullymarsh is named after its mascot, the ancient and wise Alligator Snapping Turtle that was chosen by Irene Morgant to look out for her students while she was away on travels. Students are chosen who show understanding and compassion for others.


The Four House Founders