About Bayous and Beyond


We believe a better world is established through one act of service, one act of gratitude and/or one act of unity at the time. We provide an enriching exposure to Louisiana’s history and traditions through imaginative immersion in the best loved literary worlds.

Our Staff


Did you know we are a completely volunteer run organization? What does that mean for you and your family?

First, it means that everyone here is dedicated to providing quality programs - just because they believe in the importance of the work that we do!

It also means that you can become part of the magic!       

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Sir Ken Robinson has said that imagination is the source of every form of human achievement​. Children develop communication skills and improve their vocabulary through imaginative play. Imagination is essential to the human learning process.




Literature plays a pivotal role in a child's growth and development. Stories introduce words and concepts and they affect our life experiences. Whether essay, novel, prose or poem, stories teach, develop the imagination and those with lasting meaning enrich our lives.


Louisiana Culture


The unique culture of Louisiana comes from a  collective blend of French, Spanish, German, African, Irish, and Native American influences. Bayous and Beyond is dedicated to enriching the lives of the children we teach through the rich and diverse history, music, food, languages, art and literature of our state. 



"Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is" ~Yoda